Adventure Club has been an absolute blessing for our family. From all the fun activities they engage the kids in, such as art & science projects - to simply taking time out to work on homework - Adventure Club is a comforting and reliable place that brings peace of mind during the hectic workweek. Our kids love their teachers and classmates and have awesome stories to tell every day.
— Andrew
Amazing! That’s what Adventures in Learning and Adventure Club are. Our Kids Love it! We Love it! Glad to be a part of these programs. Teachers and Staff really make a difference. We’ve been here over 3 years and will continue to stay. Thank you so much for all of your hard work!
— Parent
Adventure Club has been such a big help to my family and I. It makes my life easier with them being able to pick up the kids from school. My daughter loves the extra time she gets with help with homework and spending time with her best friend whos also in Adventure Club. All the employees are also very sweet and helpful.
— Parent
My daughter has been going to adventure club for almost a year for their summer camp and after-school program. She loves it and is so excited to go there every day. Ms. Emile and Ms. Esther take good care of her and they are the reason why my daughter loves Adventure Club. They are very nice, kind, helpful, patient and they make you feel like a family. Ms. Emile picks her up from school every day, which gives us a piece of mind.
For their after-school program, kids have time to play and do homework. They also have fun events to celebrate the holidays. We are very happy to be part of the Adventure Club Family!
— Racelle

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